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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

STANDARD XS12-650x1500 Performance Slant Bed CNC Lathe

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STANDARD XS12-650x1500 High Performance 45° Slant Bed CNC Lathe.

Specification Quick View:

  • Number of controlled axis - 2 (X+Z-Axis)
  • Hydraulic chuck diameter - Ø12" or Ø304mm
  • Max. Swing - Ø650mm
  • Max. Turning length - 1500mm
  • Spindle speed - 2000rpm
  • Spindle bore - Ø105mm
  • Bar capacity through the chuck - Ø91mm
  • Machine design - 45° Slant bed
  • CNC Control - FANUC OiTF Plus
  • Tailstock - Hydraulic

A performance slant bed CNC lathe is a type of computer-controlled lathe that is designed to deliver high-performance machining operations. The slant bed design is a feature that enhances the rigidity of the machine and ensures the stability of the cutting process, thereby allowing for precision and accuracy in the final product.

The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system is the brain of the machine and it is responsible for controlling the cutting tools, the spindle speed, and the feed rate. The operator inputs the specifications of the machining process into the computer, and the CNC system interprets the instructions to control the movement of the cutting tools.

A performance slant bed CNC lathe is capable of performing a wide range of machining operations including turning, drilling, boring, threading, and grooving. The slant bed design allows for easy access to the cutting area and makes it easier to load and unload workpieces, which improves productivity.

This type of CNC lathe is ideal for high-precision, high-volume manufacturing applications where efficiency and accuracy are critical. It is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries to machine complex components with tight tolerances.

Overall, a performance slant bed CNC lathe is a powerful and versatile machine that combines precision, efficiency, and speed to produce high-quality machined parts. 

  • Capacity
    • Chuck size - 12" (Ø304mm) 
    • Max. swing diameter - Ø650mm
    • Max. length of workpiece - 1500mm
    • Max. swing diameter over slide - Ø500mm
  • Spindle
    • Spindle bore - Ø105mm
    • Max. diameter of through-hole - Ø91mm
    • Spindle nose - A2-8
    • Spindle speed - 2000rpm
    • Main motor power - 15/18.5kW
  • Axis
    • X axis travel - 300mm
    • Z axis travel - 1500mm
    • X/Z rapid traverse - 15m/20min
  • Turret
    • Center height - 125mm
    • No. of tool stations - 8 (Optional 12)
    • Tool shank size - 32x32mm
  • Tailstock
    • Type of tailstock - SST (Optional HPT)
    • Taper of tailstock quill - MT5
    • Travel of tailstock - 100-1320mm
  • Structure 
    • Slant bed degree - 45°
    • Guideway type - LM
  • Power capacity - 25kVA
  • Overall dimension - 4550x2270x2550mm
  • Weight - 10500kg
Standard Features
  • Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck
  • 8-station Turret
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Automatic Coolant System
  • Hydraulic Tailstock
  • 3 Color Indicator Lamp
  • Work Lamp
  • Fully Enclosed Guard
  • Hydraulic System
  • Heat Exchanger of Electric Cabinet
  • Chip Conveyor
Optional Features
  • 12 Station Turret
  • Automatic steady
  • Different chucks or collets
  • Automatic tailstock
  • Tool setter
  • Touch probes
  • Bar feeder
  • Oil mist collector
  • Air conditioner for the electric cabinet
  • Oil Skimmer

Above accessories represent our standard build, changing Components and customization is possible. Chat with us about these changes.


Delivery is 9-14 weeks from deposit.

Info on CNC Control

Machine Specifications may differ to Website display. Catalogue for reference purposes only. To view available builds, please refer to website.

Click to visit CNC Control manufacturer's website for more information.

How to use a Performance Slant Bed CNC Lathe

Using a performance slant bed CNC lathe requires specialized training and knowledge. However, the following is a general outline of the steps involved in operating a performance slant bed CNC lathe:

  1. Prepare the workpiece: The first step is to select the workpiece and mount it onto the lathe using the appropriate chuck or collet. The workpiece should be secured tightly and centered on the lathe.

  2. Program the CNC system: The operator needs to program the CNC system with the machining specifications for the workpiece. This includes selecting the appropriate cutting tools, spindle speed, feed rate, and other parameters. The programming can be done manually or by using specialized software.

  3. Set up the cutting tools: The cutting tools need to be selected and installed into the tool turret or tool holder. The tools should be properly aligned and adjusted to the correct height and position for the machining operation.

  4. Begin machining: Once the workpiece is secured, the cutting tools are set up, and the CNC system is programmed, the machining process can begin. The CNC system will control the movement of the cutting tools and the rotation of the workpiece to perform the desired machining operations.

  5. Monitor and adjust: The operator should monitor the machining process to ensure that it is running smoothly and making progress towards the desired final product. Adjustments may need to be made to the cutting tools, feed rate, or other parameters to optimize the machining process.

  6. Inspect and finish: Once the machining process is complete, the workpiece should be inspected for quality and accuracy. If necessary, finishing operations such as sanding or polishing may be required to achieve the desired final product.

It's important to note that operating a performance slant bed CNC lathe requires specialized training and expertise. Safety procedures and best practices should be followed at all times to prevent accidents and ensure optimal performance.

*Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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