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Range of CNC Milling Machines

Widest range of CNC Milling Machines for Industrial metal milling work.

Below is a quick break down on the different types of CNC Milling machines 

  • CNC Mill Drills- Smallest of our CNC milling machines, designed for home or small industry applications. These machines can be Single or Three phase) (X+Z-axis)
  • CNC Turret mills - Turret mills are the most versatile of all milling machines, now just with a CNC controller for X,Y+Z-axis. Best for small batch and customizing work (Like custom 1 of a kind parts for classic cars or bikes that need a CNC and the versatility of a turret mill.)
  • Vertical Machining Center- Vertical spindle 3-axis CNC mill is the most common of the CNC milling machines and is great for general, mold and press tooling work.
    • XM3 - 3-axis CNC (X,Y+Z-axis)
    • XM4 - 4-axis CNC (X,Y+Z-axis with A-axis rotary table)
    • XM5 - 5-axis CNC (X,Y+Z-axis with A+B-axis rotary table with tilting)
  • Travelling Head Vertical Machining Center - Bed is fixed and head travels along the X-axis, great for long format milling applications. 
  • Bridge type Machining Center - Large format and heavy work applications available in 3,4 or 5-axis
  • Horizontal Machining Center- Horizontal spindle CNC milling machines, best for bigger jobs that have machining on multiple faces like gearboxes.
    • XH4 - 4-axis (X,Y,Z+B-axis table rotation axis)
  • Horizontal Borer- Horizontal spindle CNC milling machine with facing head and tailstock to do line boring applications.

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