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Range of Milling Machines

Widest range of Conventional milling machines for metalworking. Suitable for milling, shaping, cutting and drilling metal components.

What makes STANDARD milling machines different - Our long history of building milling machines that work for you, thousands of machines working in workshops across Africa over the last 40 Years

Milling Machine Types:

  • Turret milling machines - Light duty but the most versatile of all the milling machines. (X,Y,Z-axis travels, W-axis Quill with feed, A+B-axis Head tilting and Ram positional)
  • Twin Spindle Turret milling machine - Combination between a turret mill and a universal mill. Turret mill head+ram and a gearbox type horizontal spindle. (X,Y,Z-Axis travels, W-axis Quill with feed, A-axis Head tilting and Ram positional)
  • Knee Type Universal milling machine - Ridged knee type design design Universal mill with only a horizontal spindle. (Detachable universal milling head is used for spindle angle positioning (X,Y,Z-axis travels, universal milling head with A,B-axis tilt positioning)

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