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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

STANDARD URT-1100 Ram Head Universal Mill - Twin Spindle


*Mills are built on order, delivery is approx 9~14 weeks
Prices include Sea Freight to your nearest port*
*Excludes Local Taxes*


Our Universal Mill is a type of milling machine that has a movable head that can be rotated to various positions. The "twin spindle" refers to the fact that this particular machine has two spindles, allowing for multiple operations to be performed simultaneously on different parts or in different directions.

In a Ram Head Universal Mill, the ram head can be positioned in different angles to perform various milling operations, such as horizontal milling, vertical milling, or angled milling. The twin spindles can be configured to rotate in opposite directions, allowing for two parts to be machined at the same time and increasing the overall productivity of the machine.

The Standard URT-1100H Ram Head Universal Mill is an extremely precise and versatile tool used in many industrial settings for machining large and complex components. It is highly capable of completing a broad array of operations such as drilling, boring, and tapping.

Machine operator's opinion:
"Good solid machine with good functionality, the universal head makes cutting at an angles easy, the horizontal spindle is strong and takes big cuts well. Overall the Universal milling machine is solid, has feeds on all axis and can take a good cut. I feel it's capable of doing any job you need it to."

    Description Metric Imperial
    Table Size 1325x360mm 52.17 x 14.17in
    Table Travel X-Axis - 1100mm
    Y-Axis - 300mm
    Z-Axis - 450mm
    X-Axis - 43.3in
    Y-Axis - 11.81in
    Z-Axis - 17.72in
    Table swivel  ±45°( optional) ±45°( optional)
    Table load capacity  500kg 1102.31 lbs
    T-slots (NO./width/pitch) 3/18/80mm 3/0.71/3.15in
    Spindle Speed Vertical - 60-175rpm
    Horizontal - 60-1800rpm
    Vertical - 60-175rpm
    Horizontal - 60-1800rpm
    Upper beam travel 550mm 21.65in
    Horizontal spindle to table 20-410mm 0.79-16.14in
    Spindle to Worktable 175-565mm 6.89-22.24in
    Spindle axis to ram surface 200mm 7.87in
    Spindle taper 7:24 ISO50 7:24 ISO50
    Axis rapid feed X-Axis - 120mm/min
    Y-Axis - 800mm/min
    Z-Axis - 600mm/min
    X-Axis - 4.72in/min
    Y-Axis - 31.5in/min
    Z-Axis - 23.62in/min
    Axis feed X-Axis - 30-750mm/min
    Y-Axis - 20-500mm/min
    Z-Axis - 15-375mm/min
    X-Axis - 1.18-29.53in/min
    Y-Axis - 0.79-19.69in/min
    Z-Axis - 0.59-14.76in/min
    Motor capacity Vertical - 4kW
    Horizontal - 5.5kW
    Vertical - 5.36 hp
    Horizontal - 7.38 hp
    Dimensions  2245x2100x2000mm 88.39 x 82.68 x 78.74in
    Weight  2550kg 5621,78lbs
    Standard Features
    • Universal Milling Head
    • 3-Axis Servo Feeds
    • Schneider Electrics
    • Coolant System.

    Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

    How to use a Ram Head Universal Mill - Twin Spindle

    Here are some basic steps for using this type of milling machine:

    1. Preparation: Before starting the machine, ensure that it is properly lubricated and that all safety guards and guards are in place. Check that the spindles are clean and free of debris and that the milling cutters are properly installed and tightened.

    2. Setting up the workpiece: Mount the workpiece on the table or bed of the milling machine, using the appropriate fixtures or clamps. Make sure the workpiece is secure and will not move during machining.

    3. Selecting the milling cutter: Choose the appropriate milling cutter for the job, based on the material and the type of operation being performed. Mount the cutter in the spindle, tightening it securely.

    4. Setting the spindle speed: Select the appropriate spindle speed for the material and the milling cutter being used. Most milling machines have a variable speed control to adjust the spindle speed as needed.

    5. Adjusting the ram head: Position the ram head to the desired angle for the operation being performed. Make sure the head is securely locked in place.

    6. Starting the machine: Turn on the milling machine and begin the operation. Move the table or the workpiece, as necessary, to bring the cutter into contact with the material.

    7. Monitoring the operation: Keep an eye on the milling operation, checking for any signs of vibration, excessive noise, or other issues. If any problems occur, stop the machine immediately and address the issue.

    8. Finishing the operation: When the machining is complete, turn off the milling machine and remove the workpiece. Clean up any debris or chips generated during the operation.

    It is important to follow proper safety procedures when using a Ram Head Universal Mill with twin spindles, including wearing eye and hearing protection, keeping loose clothing and long hair away from the moving parts, and using caution when working around sharp cutters and hot chips.

    *Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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