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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

STANDARD UR-1000 Ram Head type Universal Milling Machine


*Mills are built on order, delivery is approx 9~14 weeks
Prices include Sea Freight to your nearest port*
*Excludes Local Taxes*


Our Universal Milling Machine is characterized by its unique design, which features a movable head that can be rotated to different angles, allowing for the machining of parts at various orientations. This type of milling machine is typically used for heavy-duty machining operations, such as the production of large parts and components.

The ram head of the Standard UR-1000 model is secured on an adjustable arm capable of vertical and horizontal movement. This design allows for the head to be positioned over the workpiece, so that the cutting tool can be applied to the workpiece at the desired angle. In addition to the movable ram head, this milling machines often feature a number of other useful features, including a table that can be moved in various directions, multiple speeds, and a feed mechanism that can be adjusted to produce cuts of various depths.

The Standard UR-1000 Ram Head Type Universal Milling Machine is a highly adaptable tool, yielding a wide range of industrial products such as gears, splines, and other machine components. Automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery industries depend on its precision and efficiency for successful production.

Description Metric Imperial
Table Size  1370x300mm 54 x 12in
Table Travels
X-Axis - 1000mm
Y-Axis - 360mm
Z-Axis - 400mm
X-Axis -39.4in
Y-Axis -14.2in
Z-Axis -15.7in
Table Swivel Optional±45° Optional±45°
Table Weight 300kg 660lbs
T-slots (No./width/pitch)
 3/14/80mm 3/0.55/3.15in 
Spindle Speed Series  V45-1660rpm (11steps)  V45-1660rpm (11steps) 
Spindle to Worktable  100-500mm 3.9-19.7in
Spindle taper  7:24 IS040 7:24 IS040
Table Rapid Speed X-Axis - 1335mm
Y-Axis - 1335mm
Z-Axis - 1000mm
X-Axis - 52.6in/min
Y-Axis - 52.6in/min
Z-Axis - 39.4in/min
Table feed
X&Y-Axis - 30-830mm
Z-Axis - 23-625mm
X&Y-Axis - 1.2-32.7in/min
Z-Axis - 0.9-24.6in/min
Z-Axis Feed  23-625mm/min (variable), Rapid 1000mm/min 0.9-24.6in/min (variable), Rapid 39.4in/min
Feed Motor  10Nm 10Nm
Dimensions 1830x1760x1700mm 72 x 69 x 67in
Weight 1620kg 3571lbs

    Standard Features
    • Universal Milling Head and Horizontal Milling Arbor
    • Precision Ground Gears
    • Gearbox Feed System
    • 1x Servo Motor Runs 3-Axis Feeds
    • Schneider Electrics
    • Coolant System with Splash Tray
    • Collet Chuck Set

    Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

    How to use a Ram Head Type Universal Milling Machine

    Using a Ram Head Type Universal Milling Machine involves a series of steps that include the following:

    1. Set up the machine: Before using the machine, you should check to make sure that it is properly installed and secure. This includes checking the electrical connections, oil levels, and any other necessary components.

    2. Select the cutting tool: Choose the appropriate cutting tool for the job. Consider the type of material you will be cutting, the depth of the cut, and the desired finish.

    3. Mount the cutting tool: Install the cutting tool in the spindle of the machine, making sure that it is tightened securely.

    4. Adjust the head: Use the controls on the machine to adjust the position of the ram head so that the cutting tool is positioned over the workpiece.

    5. Set the speed and feed rate: Use the controls on the machine to set the appropriate speed for the cutting tool and the feed rate, which determines how fast the cutting tool moves through the material.

    6. Start the machine: Turn on the machine and begin the cutting process. Make sure to monitor the machine and make any necessary adjustments during the cutting process.

    7. Inspect the workpiece: After the cutting process is complete, inspect the workpiece to ensure that it meets your desired specifications.

    8. Clean and maintain the machine: When you have finished using the machine, make sure to clean it and perform any necessary maintenance to keep it in good working condition.

    It's important to follow all safety guidelines when using a Ram Head Type Universal Milling Machine, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and observing all warning labels and instructions. Additionally, it's recommended to receive proper training and follow the manufacturer's instructions for operating the machine.

    *Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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