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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

STANDARD UI-140 ton Universal Iron Worker


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Standard UI-140 ton Universal Iron Worker:

A Universal Iron Worker with Dual Hydraulic Work Stations is a machine tool that is used to cut and shape metal. It typically has two separate work stations, each equipped with its own hydraulic system. These work stations can be used to perform a variety of tasks such as punching, shearing, bending, and notching. The tooling for each station can be quickly and easily changed out to accommodate different materials and shapes. This allows for flexibility and efficiency in metalworking operations. Some Universal Iron Worker models may also include additional features such as a press brake, a coper, or a rod shear.

  • 5-station (Punch, Notch, Bar shear, Flat shear, and Angle shear)
  • Pressure – 160 tons
  • Punching thickness - 28mm
  • Max punching diameter - Ø38mm
  • Max cutting thickness - 28mm
  • Plate strength - ≤450N/mm2
  • Cutting angle - 8°
  • Ram stroke - 120mm
  • Number of stroke (80) -  6per/min
  • Number of stroke (20) - 16per/min
  • Throat depth - 600mm
  • Power of main motor - 11kw
  • Overall dimensions - 2600x1040x2300mm
  • Weight of machine - 6000kg
Punching and Shearing Spec
  • Punch
    • Max Punch diameter - Ø38mm
    • Max Material thickness - 28mm
  • Flat Shear
    • Shearing size of one stroke - 28×355 or 20×600mm
  • Bar Section Cutting
    • Round - 65mm diameter
    • Square Bar – 55x55mm
    • Channel/Beam – 280x86x11.5mm
    • Joist - 280x124x10.5mm
  • Angle Iron
    • At 90° Shearing – 180x180x16mm
    • At 45° Shearing - 60x60x6mm
  • T-Bar/ T-Channel
    • At 90° Shearing – 180x180x16mm
    • At 45° Shearing - 80x80x10mm
  • I-Beam / Joist
    • At 90° Shearing - 280x124x10.5mm
  • Channel Iron
    • At 90° Shearing - 280x86x11.5mm
      Standard Equipment
      • Easy change punch holder, ring and adapters
      • Universal die bolster for the punching of flats, angle and flanges of channel and I beam
      • Blades for cropping angle, round/square bar, flat bar
      • Punch support table c/w side stops
      • Shear support table
      • Adjustable hold down for shear, angle and section Stations
      • Shielded foot pedal control to both punch and shear ends
      • Power saving mode electric box
      • Automatic Overload Relief on Hydraulic System
      • Electric I.P. 55 Class ‘F’ T.E.F.C. Motor
      • Low volt electrical control circuit
      • Service tool kit

      This Machine is Built on Order Only.

      Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit


      Machine specifications may differ to Website display. catalogue for reference purposes only. To view available builds, please refer to website.

      Hydraulic Presses and Iron Workers Catalogue

      How to use a Universal Iron Worker with Dual Hydraulic Work Stations

      Using a Universal Iron Worker with Dual Hydraulic Work Stations involves several steps:

      1. Set up the machine: Before using the iron worker, make sure it is properly set up and connected to a power source. Check that the tooling for each work station is properly installed and tightened.

      2. Prepare the material: Cut the metal to the desired length and shape, and place it in the appropriate work station. Make sure the metal is clean and free of any debris that could cause damage to the machine or the tooling.

      3. Adjust the settings: Adjust the machine's settings according to the type and thickness of the material, as well as the desired end result. For example, you may need to adjust the punch stroke, the shear angle, or the bend radius.

      4. Operate the machine: Turn on the machine and use the appropriate controls to initiate the cutting, punching, or bending process. Be sure to follow all safety precautions and to use the machine in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

      5. Monitor the process: Keep an eye on the machine while it is operating to ensure that it is functioning properly and that the material is being cut or shaped as desired.

      6. Clean up the machine: When you have finished using the iron worker, turn it off and clean up any debris or scraps. Perform any necessary maintenance on the machine, such as lubricating moving parts or replacing worn tooling.

      It's also important to note that before using a Universal Iron Worker with Dual Hydraulic Work Stations, the operator should have the proper training and knowledge of the machine, the material and the process to be performed to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.


      *Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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