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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

STANDARD UH-1200 Ram Head Type Universal Milling Machine


*Mills are built on order, delivery is approx 9~14 weeks
Prices include Sea Freight to your nearest port*
*Excludes Local Taxes*


This is a newly developed Ram-type universal milling machine with digital display, however it is based on the traditional knee-type milling machine and has more advanced features. This machine can mill any angle surface through the front half-sphere with a swiveling milling head.

Featuring enlarged machining capacity:

  • wide-range of spindle speed
  • infinitely speed changing
  • two sets of operating handles for easy operation
  • an interlock between locking and power/manual feed system
  • automatic lubrication system
  • sufficient rigidity and so on

The Standard UH-1200 Ram Head Type Universal Milling Machine is capable of milling plain and slanted grooves, as well as plane and groove details in cavities of workpieces. This makes it suitable for any metalworking operations, particularly those related to die and molds.

  • Table Size - 1600x500mm = 63 x 19.69 in
  • T-slots(NO./width/pitch) - 5/18/80mm = 5/0.71/3.15 in
  • Table Travels
    • X-Axis -1200mm = 47.24 in
    • Y-Axis - 700mm = 27.56 in
    • Z-Axis - 500mm = 19.69 in
  • Swivel angle of milling head - 360°
  • Spindle Taper - ISO50
  • Spindle Speed range - 30-2050rpm (27 speeds)
  • Table Feed
    • X-Axis - 10-1000mm/min = 0.39-39.37 in/min
    • Y-Axis - 10-1000mm/min = 0.39-39.37 in/min
    • Z-Axis - 6-640mm/min = 0.24-25.20 in/min
  • Table rapid speed - 2200/2200/1100 = 86.61/86.61/43.31 in/min
  • Distance between spindle nose and table surface - 25-525mm = 0.98-20.67 in
  • Distance from spindle center line to column - 55-755mm = 2.17-29.72 in
  • Main Motor Power - 7.5kW = 10.04HP
  • Feed Motor - AC servo motor; X/Y:15NM;Z:18NM
  • Load on Table - 1800kg = 3968lbs
  • Dimensions - 2475x2260x2180mm = 97.44 x 89 x 85.83 in
  • Weight - 4000kg = 8818.49lbs
Standard Features
  • Universal Milling Head
  • 3-Axis Servo Feeds
  • Ballscrew on X+Y-Axis
  • Schneider Electrics
  • Coolant System
  • Double Table Support.

Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit
Strictly built on demand.

How to use a Ram Head type Universal Milling Machine

A Ram Head type Universal Milling Machine is a versatile milling machine that can be used for a wide range of milling operations.

To use the machine, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the machine: Check the machine's manual and make sure that it is set up properly and all necessary tools are available. Ensure that the workpiece is securely clamped to the table.

  2. Choose the right cutter: Select a cutter that is appropriate for the material you will be machining and the desired outcome.

  3. Set the speed: Set the spindle speed to the recommended RPM for the cutter you have selected.

  4. Adjust the depth of cut: Use the depth of cut adjustment to set the depth of the cutter into the workpiece.

  5. Start the machine: Start the machine and let it reach full speed before engaging the cutter.

  6. Engage the cutter: Slowly lower the cutter into the workpiece, making sure to maintain a steady pace.

  7. Monitor the process: Observe the machining process carefully, and make any necessary adjustments to the speed or depth of cut.

  8. Finish the cut: When the cut is complete, turn off the machine and remove the workpiece.

Note: Always wear proper personal protective equipment and follow all safety guidelines when using a milling machine.

*Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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