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STANDARD UB-1500 Bed Type Universal Milling Machine


*Mills are built on order, delivery is approx 9~14 weeks
Prices include Sea Freight to your nearest port*
*Excludes Local Taxes*


Our bed type universal milling machine is used to mill, drill and bore metal and other materials. This type of machine is characterized by a heavy-duty, rigid bed that supports the workpiece and milling head. The bed type design provides stability and support during the cutting process, which results in higher accuracy and improved surface finish compared to other milling machine designs.

The bed type universal milling machine features a swivel joint that enables the milling head to be directed in various angles, allowing for a selection of milling operations, such as horizontal, vertical, and angled milling. An array of accessories and cutting tools come equipped along the milling head like drill bits, end mills, and boring tools.

The workpiece is mounted on the bed of the machine and is secured using clamps or fixtures. The bed is also equipped with a table that moves in two or three directions, allowing the workpiece to be positioned and moved precisely. The table is driven by manual or motorized mechanisms and is controlled using a set of hand wheels, knobs or digital readouts.

In summary, a bed type universal milling machine is a versatile and accurate machine tool that is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, and manufacturing. It is capable of performing a wide range of cutting operations and is suitable for machining large and heavy workpieces.

Operators Opinion of the UB-Series:
"The machine handles heavy work but feels light, very smooth and easy to use. All cuts even heavy cuts are made effortlessly. The MPG handwheels and digital display combo are genius, amazing for big jobs with tight tolerances, the MPG can be set to move the table in Microns so positioning accuracy is predictable, eliminating the need to manually measure the parts between cuts."

  • Spindle Taper – ISO50
  • Table Size – 2100x500mm = 82.68 x 19.69 in
  • X-Travel – 1500mm = 59.06 in
  • Y-Travel - 670mm = 26.38 in
  • Z-Travel - 670mm = 26.38 in
  • Vertical travel of headstock - 0-670mm = 0-26.38 in
  • Max. Load on Table – 2000kg = 4409.25lbs
  • Feed speed - 20-1800mm/min = 0.79-70.87 in/min
  • Rapid speed range - 3500mm/min = 137.80 in/min
  • Spindle Speeds – 35-1345rpm Variable (2 speed gearbox)
  • Distance from spindle axis to column guide way - 610mm = 24.02 in
  • Spindle motor power – 7.5kW = 10.04HP
  • Overall Dimensions - 3300x2380x2750mm = 129.92 x 93.70 x 108.27 in
  • Weight – 7300kg = 16093.86lbs
  • High Precision movement by electronic handwheel (MPG)
  • Variable spindle speeds (2-speed gearbox)
  • High precision variable table feeds
  • Universal milling head - 90/45° (Tilt and Rotate)
  • Industrial electrics
  • Auto Lubricator
  • Coolant System
  • Halogen Light

Machine is build on Demand only.
Delivery is 12-16 Weeks from deposit

How to use a Bed Type Universal Milling Machine

Here are the general steps for using a bed type universal milling machine:

  1. Set up the workpiece: Secure the workpiece to the bed of the machine using clamps or fixtures. Make sure it is firmly and accurately positioned so that the milling head can reach all areas of the workpiece.

  2. Choose the cutting tool: Select the appropriate cutting tool for the operation you wish to perform. Attach the cutting tool to the spindle of the milling head.

  3. Adjust the machine settings: Set the speed of the spindle, the feed rate, and the depth of cut based on the material and the cutting tool you are using.

  4. Start the machine: Turn on the power to the machine and start the spindle. Begin the cutting operation by moving the milling head towards the workpiece.

  5. Monitor the process: Observe the cutting process and listen for any unusual sounds or vibrations. Adjust the machine settings as needed to ensure that the cutting operation is proceeding smoothly.

  6. Finish the cut: Stop the spindle when the cutting operation is complete. Move the milling head away from the workpiece and turn off the power to the machine.

  7. Clean up: Clean the machine and the work area of any chips or debris created during the cutting process. Check the condition of the cutting tool and replace it if necessary.

It's important to always follow all safety precautions and guidelines when using a bed type universal milling machine. Always wear protective equipment, such as safety glasses, and never remove the guards from the machine. Before using the machine, make sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the machine's manual and operating procedures.

*Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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