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STANDARD SSR-40 Section Roller with Manual Top Roller


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Standard SSR-40 Manual Top Adjusting Section Roller with Electric Drive:

A manual top adjusting section roller with electric drive is a machine used in the manufacturing or construction industry. It is designed to roll and shape materials such as steel, concrete, or asphalt. The roller has a sectioned drum that is manually adjusted to control the level of compaction on the material being rolled. The electric drive provides power to the drum, allowing it to rotate and apply pressure to the material. This type of roller is often used in road construction and other projects where a high level of precision and control is required.

Main features:

  • The machine is an efficient processing machine which is specially designed to bend steel, flat bean, solid bar, etc.
  • It has three working rollers, the positions of the two bottom rollers can be adjusted along the arc.
  • Assisting rollers are installed on both sides of the machine to control the work quality in the bending of proportional steel sections.
  • The machine is reliable to operate with various functions and is an ideal bending machine that's adjustable and able to deal with different types of materials and specifications only by recombining the die settings.
  • This removes the need to change dies. The machine offers low cost with flexibility and reliability.
  • Yield limit - <245mm
  • Min. bending diameter (Angle steel leg out) - 200-400mm
  • Capacity - L40x4
    • Angle Iron 40x40x4 - 280mm
    • Square Pipe 25x25x2 - 350mm
    • Round Pipe 2" - 500mm
    • Flat Steel 40x6 - 350mm
    • Square Steel 15x15 - 350mm 
  • Main motor - 2.2/1.5kw
  • Dimensions - 1000x750x1350mm
  • Gross Weight - 600kg

Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

How to use a Manual Top Adjusting Section Roller with Electric Drive

Using a manual top adjusting section roller with electric drive typically involves the following steps:

  1. Prepare the area: Make sure the surface to be rolled is level and free of debris.

  2. Adjust the drum: Use the manual adjustment on the roller to set the drum sections to the desired level of compaction for the material being rolled.

  3. Start the electric drive: Turn on the electric drive to power the roller's drum.

  4. Begin rolling: Slowly drive the roller over the surface to be compacted, making multiple passes if necessary.

  5. Monitor the surface: Continuously monitor the surface for proper compaction and adjust the drum sections as needed.

  6. Turn off the electric drive: Once you have completed rolling the area, turn off the electric drive to stop the drum from rotating.

  7. Maintenance: Check the machine for any damages or leaks, lubricate the parts if necessary.

It is important to follow safety precautions such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and making sure the machine is in good working condition before using it. It is also recommended to consult the operator manual for specific instructions and guidelines for your machine.

*Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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