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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

STANDARD SSR-100 Hydraulic Section Roller


Machines are built on order, delivery is 9~14 weeks
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Standard SSR-100 Hydraulic Section Roller: 

A hydraulic section roller is a machine used in metal fabrication and construction. It is used to bend and form metal sheets into circular or cylindrical shapes. It works by applying hydraulic pressure to a set of rollers that are mounted on a frame, which then apply pressure to the metal to form it into the desired shape. The rollers can be adjusted to accommodate different thicknesses of metal and to produce various radii in the final product.

Main features:

  • The machine is an efficient processing machine which is specially designed to bend l Esteel, flat bean, solid bar, etc.
  • It has three working rollers, the positions of the two bottom rollers can be adjusted along the arc.
  • Assisting rollers are installed on both sides of the machine to control the work quality in the bending of proportional steel sections.
  • The machine is reliable to operate with various functions and is an ideal bending machine that's adjustable and able to deal with different types of materials and specifications only by recombining the die settings.
  • This removes the need to change dies. The machine offers low cost with flexibility and reliability.
  • Yield limit - <245mm
  • Min. bending dia.(Angle steel leg out) - 400-600mm
  • Capacity - L75X7
  • Main motor - 4/2.2kw
  • Overall size  - 1320x950x1270mm
  • Net Weight - 2500kg
Minimum Bend Diameters
  • Angle Iron Leg In - 80x80x9mm (Ø800mm), 30x30x4mm (Ø300mm)
  • Angle Iron Leg Out - 80x80x8mm (Ø800mm), 30x30x3mm (Ø450mm)
  • Solid Bar on Flat Side - 125x25mm (Ø600mm), 60x5mm (Ø300mm)
  • Solid Bar on Edge - 80x15mm (Ø700mm), 30x10mm (Ø300mm)
  • Solid Round Bar - 50mm (Ø500mm), 15mm (Ø280mm)
  • Round Tube - 90x2.5mm (Ø1100mm), 15x1mm (Ø280mm)
  • Square Tube - 50x50x3mm (Ø1600mm), 20x20x2mm (Ø400mm)
  • Rectangle Tube on Flat Side - 80x25x3mm (Ø600mm), 25x15x2mm (Ø300mm)
  • Rectangle Tube on Edge - 80x25x3mm (Ø800mm), 25x15x2mm (Ø350mm)
  • U-Channel Leg In - 100x50x6mm (Ø500mm), 30x15x4mm (Ø300mm)
  • U-Channel Leg Out - 100x50x6mm (Ø600m), 30x15x4mm (Ø300mm)
  • T-Channel Leg In - 70x70x8mm (Ø800mm), 25x25x3.5mm (Ø300mm)
  • T-Channel Leg Out - 80x80x9mm (Ø800mm), 25x25x3.5 (Ø300mm)
  • T-Channel on the Edge - 80x80x9mm (Ø800mm), 30x30x4mm (Ø300mm)

Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

How to use a Hydraulic Section Roller

To use a hydraulic section roller, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the metal: Clean the metal to be rolled, and ensure it is of the correct thickness and length for the desired shape.

  2. Set up the machine: Position the hydraulic section roller on a level surface, and adjust the rollers to the correct distance apart for the thickness of the metal.

  3. Load the metal: Place the metal between the rollers, aligning it with the center axis of the machine.

  4. Start the machine: Turn on the hydraulic pump, which will apply pressure to the rollers and start bending the metal.

  5. Adjust the rollers: If necessary, adjust the rollers to produce the desired shape and radius.

  6. Continue rolling: Continue rolling the metal until it is shaped as desired.

  7. Stop the machine: Turn off the hydraulic pump and remove the rolled metal.

Note: Always wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety glasses, and follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a hydraulic section roller.

*Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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