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STANDARD NRE-1 Electric Tube notcher


Machines are built on order, delivery is 9~14 weeks
Shipped Worldwide- Prices include freight to your nearest sea port*

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Standard NRE-1 Electric Tube notcher:

An electric tube notcher is a machine tool used to make precise notches in metal tubes. It uses an electric motor to rotate a cutting tool, typically a carbide-tipped bit, which cuts into the tube at the desired angle to create a notch. The tube is held in place by a vise and can be rotated to create multiple notches at different angles. This tool is commonly used in the fabrication of metal structures, such as roll cages or frame rail assemblies, where precise notches are needed to join tubes at specific angles.


Standard Electric Tube Notcher for tubes of Ø6~50mm diameter:

  • Capacity - Ø6~50mm = 0.24~1.97 inches
  • Power - 110V
  • Packing size - 820x450x480mm = 32.28x17.72x18.90 inches
  • Gross Weight - 112kg = 246.92 lbs
Standard Features
  • Electric drive
  • High Chrome steel blades
  • Desk mounted design
  • Low maintenance desk mounted design

Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

Built on order only.

How to use an Electric Tube notcher

To use an electric tube notcher, follow these steps:

  1. Set up the machine: Make sure the tube notcher is securely fastened to a stable work surface and that the cutting bit is properly installed.

  2. Load the tube: Place the tube into the vise and tighten it securely. Adjust the vise if necessary to ensure that the tube is level and straight.

  3. Choose the cutting angle: Use the adjustable angle stop or protractor on the machine to set the desired cutting angle.

  4. Turn on the machine: Start the electric motor and adjust the speed if necessary to match the specifications for the cutting bit and material being cut.

  5. Begin cutting: Slowly bring the cutting bit into contact with the tube, applying light pressure to start the cut. Keep the cutting bit perpendicular to the tube as it rotates and cuts through the material.

  6. Finish the cut: Continue cutting until the notch is the desired depth. Turn off the machine and remove the tube from the vise.

  7. Repeat as needed: Repeat the process to create additional notches in the tube as desired.

Note: Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and hearing protection, when using an electric tube notcher.


*Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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