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STANDARD BTNC-63, 1-axis Hydraulic Mandrel Tube Bender


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Introducing the STANDARD BTNC-63, a precision-engineered 1-axis Hydraulic Mandrel Tube Bender designed to elevate your bending processes to new heights.

Crafted for efficiency and accuracy, this machine offers exceptional capabilities for tube manipulation, ideal for diverse industrial applications.

Equipped with cutting-edge hydraulic technology, the BTNC-63 ensures seamless bending operations with minimal effort. Its 1-axis design allows for precise bending control, facilitating the shaping of tubes with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability.

This mandrel tube bender boasts remarkable versatility, accommodating a wide range of tube diameters and materials. Whether working with stainless steel, aluminum, or other alloys, its robust construction and adaptable features make it a reliable asset in any workshop or manufacturing setting.

The incorporation of a mandrel ensures consistent bend quality, minimizing deformation and maintaining the structural integrity of the tube throughout the bending process. This feature is particularly advantageous when producing complex and intricate tube designs.

Efficiency meets convenience with user-friendly controls that streamline operations, reducing setup time and maximizing productivity. The BTNC-63's intuitive interface empowers operators to achieve precise bends with ease, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field.

For those seeking a dependable mandrel tube bender for sale, the STANDARD BTNC-63 stands as a pinnacle of performance, reliability, and precision. Elevate your production capabilities and explore endless bending possibilities with this exceptional machine.

Invest in the STANDARD BTNC-63 Hydraulic Mandrel Tube Bender today to revolutionize your tube bending processes and drive your projects toward unparalleled success.

    Specifications - Metric Measurements
    • Mild steel round tube  - 63x4mm
    • Stainless Steel - 63x3mm
    • Light alloy annealed round tube - 63x6mm
    • Mild steel square tube - 50x50x3mm
    • Mild steel rectangular tube - 50x45x3mm
    • Mild steel round solid bar - 30mm
    • Mild steel square solid bar - 25x25mm
    • Minimum bending radius - 25mm
    • Maximum bending radius (Standard) - 300mm
    • Head overhang (on bending center) - 760mm
    • Mould center height - 60mm
    • Bending center height (from floor)   - 1016mm
    • Max. Bending Angle - 190°
    • Through Effective Distance - 3500mm
    • Bending Speed (Max.) - 30°/sec
    • Bending angle Precision - ±0.10°
    • System Motor Power - 5.5kW
    • Hydraulic Pump Volume - 19L
    • Maximum Pressure - 16Mpa
    • Machine Packing Dimensions - 4500x1200x1350mm
    • Weight - 3000kg
    Specifications - Imperial Measurements
    • Mild steel round tube  - 2.48x0.157 inches
    • Stainless Steel - 2.48x0.118 inches
    • Light alloy annealed round tube - 2.48x0.236 inches
    • Mild steel square tube - 1.97x1.97x0.118 inches
    • Mild steel rectangular tube - 1.97x1.77x0.118 inches
    • Mild steel round solid bar - 1.18 inches
    • Mild steel square solid bar - 0.984x0.984 inches
    • Minimum bending radius - 0.984 inches
    • Maximum bending radius (Standard) - 11.81 inches
    • Head overhang (on bending center) - 29.92 inches
    • Mould center height - 2.36 inches
    • Bending center height (from floor) - 40 inches
    • Max. Bending Angle - 190°
    • Through Effective Distance - 137.8 inches
    • Bending Speed (Max.) - 30°/sec
    • Bending angle Precision - ±0.10°
    • System Motor Power - 7.38 horsepower
    • Hydraulic Pump Volume - 5 gallons
    • Maximum Pressure - 2320 psi
    • Machine Packing Dimensions - 177.17x47.24x53.15 inches
    • Weight - 6613.87 pounds
      • Hydraulic Motor - Suzhou Jialifan
      • Hydraulic Pump - Wuxi Tuoli
      • Hydraulic Valve - Japan Yuken(Imported)
      • Oil way Board - Suzhou Boguan
      • Cylinder - Suzhou Boguan
      • Oil tube - Suzhou Kejia
      • Touch screen - Taiwan Weinview(Imported)
      • PLC - Japan Mitsubishi(Imported)
      • Angle controller - Japan Nemicon(Imported)
      • Switch power - Wenzhou Changxing
      • Contactor - German SCHNEIDER(Imported)
      • Other Electric Parts- German SCHNEIDER(Imported)

      Delivery is 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

      How to use a Tube Bender with Mandrel

      1. Prepare the tube: Clean and measure the length of the tube to be bent, ensuring it is the correct size and shape for the bender.

      2. Load the tube: Place the tube into the bender and secure it in place using clamps or other holding mechanisms.

      3. Adjust the bender: Set the bender to the desired angle and make any necessary adjustments to the mandrel.

      4. Begin bending: Start the bending process and slowly apply pressure to the tube until it reaches the desired angle.

      5. Remove the tube: Once the tube is bent to the desired angle, remove it from the bender and inspect it to ensure it meets the required specifications.

      6. Repeat as necessary: Repeat the bending process as necessary to create the desired shape or bend pattern.

      It's important to follow all safety guidelines when using a tube bender with mandrel, including wearing protective gear and ensuring the bender is properly secured before use.

      *Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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