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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

Shipping Policy

by Default products are quoted including Sea Freight from Hong Kong, China or Taiwan to your nearest sea port, this is the default shipping method unless unless specified in writing.

Available shipping options:

  • CIF - Including shipping to you nearest sea port (This is the default shipping method) 
  • Delivered - Including Sea freight to your nearest sea port and road freight to your premises.
    • Road freight is area specific and may require us to get more information about your building and area.
      • If you require pricing "Delivered" please confirm that we have your address on record. 
  • FOB - Price of the product excludes shipping, customer can arrange shipping and collection from Hong Kong, China or Taiwanese Port.
  • Air Freight - Price of Product including the cost of Airfreight to your closest Airport / Cargo terminal

Variations in shipping

  • Shipping costs quoted / added are based on estimated and are accurate at date of the original quotation. Variations are for the customers benefit or account.
  • Most products are built on order with Shipping only being arranged once the product has been completed, shipping times may vary dependent on where you are in the world and the shipping method used.


  • If we have arranged shipping, all products will be insured to the designated end address / Port etc.

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