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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

Local Manufacturing is Essential in a Post COVID 19 World.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO stated that countries with strong local manufacturing sectors are more likely tobounce back in a post Covid 19 world.


This is good news for South Africans, our Entrepreneurial spirit is strong and we are flexible enough to take advantage of every opportunity.
Now is the time to "Bring manufacturing back home",with global supply and current shipping issues the need for locally made products is growing everyday.


As a South African manufacturer you have many advantages over other countries in the race to recovery.

  • Access to resources and raw materials – As a manufacturing and mining nation we have access to raw materials when others do not. 

  • Access to the workforce – We have access to a free-market workforce that is effective and affordable.

  • Access to knowledge– We have the know how! If not we will learn it, it’s the SA Way. In my opinion the local manufacturers are some of the most tried and tested problem solvers in Africa.

  • Cheap power – Eskom may leave us in the dark but the cost per KWH is low compared to the rest of the world.

  • Stable Economy – We are considered a stable economy on the international market.

  • Reasonable taxes – Taxes for businesses are reasonable.

  • Limited international pressure and restrictions – We are free to trade locally or internationally without restrictions and we are not restricted by international regulations (Eg. European Union enforced trade restrictions for European nations.)

  • Good international trade relation - SA has strong trade histories with most European, African, Asian and South American countries.

  • Finance – South Africa banks are the best in Africa and offer easy access to affordable finance.

Try leverage these to develop products and services for the local and African markets. Refine your product and the world is your Oyster.


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This Blog Post is based on an article from the "United Nations Industrial Development Organisations" article "Why innovative manufacturing and circularity are key for a resilient manufacturing industry post-COVID-19"

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