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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

Gama de Tornos CNC Oil Country (BIG BORE)

Oil Country CNC Lathes (BIG BORE)

Brief Product Introduction

Welcome to our range of Oil Country CNC Lathes, specifically designed for heavy-duty machining tasks with a focus on large diameter and long workpieces. Our BIG BORE CNC Lathes, including models with Ø320x1000mm grinding capacity, are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and precision in oil country applications. Ideal for industries requiring robust machining solutions, these lathes ensure superior productivity and accuracy.

List of Product Attributes

  • BIG BORE Capability: Handles large diameter workpieces with ease
  • Precision Machining: High accuracy and repeatability
  • Powerful Spindle: Provides optimal torque and power for heavy cuts
  • Advanced Control System: Intuitive CNC interface for ease of operation
  • Sturdy Construction: Built for durability and stability in demanding environments
  • Customization: Built-to-order machines adaptable to specific customer requirements

Full Description

Our Oil Country CNC Lathes (BIG BORE) redefine efficiency and capability in machining large-scale components. With a robust build and powerful spindle options, these lathes excel in turning operations for industries such as oil and gas, aerospace, and heavy equipment manufacturing. The CNC control system ensures precise handling of complex geometries and materials, maintaining consistent quality across production runs.

Designed for versatility, our BIG BORE lathes accommodate a wide range of workpieces, from shafts and valves to pipeline components, with a Ø320x1000mm grinding capacity. Operators benefit from user-friendly features that streamline setup and operation, optimizing workflow and reducing downtime.

How to Use the Product

  1. Setup: Secure the lathe on a leveled foundation and ensure all connections are correctly installed.
  2. Programming: Utilize the CNC control interface to program cutting paths, speeds, and feeds based on material specifications.
  3. Loading: Safely load the workpiece into the chuck or between centers, ensuring proper alignment.
  4. Operation: Start the lathe and monitor the machining process. Use cutting tools and coolant as required to achieve desired dimensions and surface finishes.
  5. Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance checks per manufacturer guidelines to uphold machine performance and longevity.

Warranty Information

Enjoy peace of mind with our 12-month warranty from the date of installation, covering manufacturing defects and operational issues under normal usage conditions. Our commitment ensures your investment in precision machining equipment is protected.


Our Oil Country CNC Lathes (BIG BORE) are custom-built to order, allowing for tailored configurations that meet specific project needs. Whether you require additional tooling, specialized controls, or integration with existing systems, our engineering team ensures your lathe aligns perfectly with operational requirements and enhances productivity.

Invest in our Oil Country CNC Lathes (BIG BORE) for unparalleled performance in machining large-scale components. Contact us today to discuss your machining needs and explore customization options tailored to your industry requirements.

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