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Miraco 3d Scanner now under $2000...

STANDARD MT-820 Turret Mill with Twin Spindle


*Mills are built on order, delivery is approx 9~14 weeks
Prices include Sea Freight to your nearest port*
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A Turret Mill with Twin Spindle refers to a type of vertical milling machine that is equipped with two spindles, which are located vertically one above the other. The main advantage of having two spindles is that it enables the machine to perform multiple operations simultaneously, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

The turret on the mill is a rotating assembly that holds the cutting tools in place and allows them to be positioned and changed as needed. The two spindles are mounted on the turret, with one being located at the top and the other at the bottom. The spindles are typically driven by separate motors and can be operated independently or together, depending on the requirements of the machining process.

This type of milling machine is commonly used for complex parts that require multiple operations, such as drilling, boring, and tapping, as well as for performing milling operations on both sides of a workpiece. The twin spindles can also be used to perform multiple machining operations on different parts at the same time, further increasing productivity.

Overall, the Turret Mill with Twin Spindle is a versatile and efficient machine tool that is commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and defense.

Description Metric Imperial
Work Surface 1370x320mm 54 x 12.5in
Table Movement Range
X-Axis 820mm
Y-Axis 300mm
Z-Axis 400mm
X-Axis 32.28in
Y-Axis 11.81in
Z-Axis 15.75in
Table Feed Rate
X-Axis 30-830mm/min
Y-Axis 30-830mm/min
Z-Axis 23-625mm/min
X-Axis 1.18-32.68 in/min
Y-Axis 1.18-32.68 in/min
Z-Axis 0.91-24.61 in/min
Table Traverse Rate X-Axis 1335mm/min
Y-Axis 1335mm/min
Z-Axis 1000mm/min
X-Axis 52.56 in/min
Y-Axis 52.56 in/min
Z-Axis 39.37 in/min
Spindle Taper  ISO40 (V) ISO40(H)
Spindle Speed
Vertical - 65-4660rpm
Horizontal - 35-1500rpm
Vertical - 65-4660rpm
Horizontal - 35-1500rpm
Spindle Axis to Table Distance 35-435mm 1.38-17.13in
Spindle Center to Ram Distance 200mm 7.87in
Ram Travel 450mm 17.72in
Main Motor
Vertical - 4kw
Horizontal - 3kw
Vertical - 5HP
Horizontal - 4HP
Servo Motor Torque for X/Y/Z 10N.m 7.38 lb-ft
Dimensions 1820x1680x2350mm 71.65x 66.14 x 92.52in
Weight  1750kg 3858.09 lbs

    Standard Features
    • Variable Feed System
    • 1x Servo Motor Runs 3-Axis Feeds
    • Schneider Electrics
    • Coolant System with Splash Tray
    • Milling Vice
    • Horizontal Arbor
    • Manuals and Certificates

    Delivery 8-12 Weeks from Deposit

    Built on order only.

    How to use a Turret Mill with Twin Spindle

    Using a Turret Mill with Twin Spindle requires a basic understanding of the machine's components and operation.

    Here are the general steps for using this type of milling machine:

    1. Set up the workpiece: Secure the workpiece to the table of the mill using clamps or vise. Make sure the workpiece is level and centered.

    2. Select the tools: Choose the appropriate cutting tools for the desired operation, such as end mills, drills, or taps, and insert them into the turret. Ensure that the tools are securely fastened in place.

    3. Select the spindle: Determine which spindle to use for the operation and make sure it is engaged and spinning. If necessary, start the spindle's motor.

    4. Set the speed and feed rate: Set the speed and feed rate for the cutting tool, based on the material being machined and the desired results. The speed and feed rate can be adjusted using the control panel on the mill.

    5. Begin the machining operation: Start the machining operation by lowering the cutting tool onto the workpiece and engaging the feed mechanism. Continue the operation until the desired results are achieved.

    6. Change tools: When the first operation is complete, change to the desired cutting tool and repeat the process as necessary.

    7. Repeat for the other spindle: If desired, repeat the process for the other spindle, performing the same or a different operation on another workpiece.

    It is important to note that proper safety precautions should always be followed when using a Turret Mill with Twin Spindle. This includes wearing eye and ear protection, following proper lockout/tag-out procedures when changing tools, and observing all other safety guidelines specified by the machine manufacturer.

    *Information shown may differ or change without warning*

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